Universitas Kristen Indonesia,

Not long after the independence of the Republic of Indonesia (1945), several national figures who were also Indonesian Christian leaders were moved and felt the need to establish the Council of Churches in Indonesia (DGI). This hope was only realized on May 25, 1950. At the beginning of its activities, this institution also paid considerable attention to educational issues because at that time the Indonesian people really needed human resources to fill employment opportunities in various aspects of life. This need is urgent.

The idea of ​​wanting the Indonesian Christian community to participate in the world of education continues to grow in the discussions taking place at this institution. Even thought also about the need to establish a " universiteit”. Based on that, DGI formed a commission led by Prof. Dr. IP Simanjuntak, MA. This commission is in charge of making a feasibility study to establish a university whose results are reported to DGI. As a follow-up, DGI issued a resolution regarding Christian Universiteit on June 30, 1953. The resolution signed by Ds. WJ Rumambi, as General Secretary of DGI, in the DGI Complete Session from 20-30 June 1953 proposed to all churches and Christian communities in Indonesia to fully assist in the establishment of the Christian Universiteit, both morally and materially.

Moving on from this resolution, Indonesian Christian figures, namely Mr. Todung Sutan Gunung Mulia, Mr. Yap Thiam Hien, Benjamin Thomas Philip Sigar, on behalf of the churches that are members of DGI (now PGI), established the Indonesian Christian University Foundation before notary Raden Kadiman, with deed number 117, dated 18 July 1953. The members of the Foundation were then enlarged by the presence Elviannus Katoppo, Ong Jan Hong MD, Aminudin Pohan MD, Seri Condar Nainggolan MD, Benjamin Prawirohadmodjo, Pdt. Komarlin Tjakraatmadja, Gerrit Siwabessy MD, Tan Tek Heng, and JCT Simorangkir. Three months later, on October 15, 1953, the Indonesian Christian University (UKI) was inaugurated, consisting of: Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, with Sub-faculties: Pedagogic and Letters, and Faculty of Economics.